There is something magical about Gougane Barra. Or as I would like to call it. (The little church in the valley)
Gougane Barra is basically in my back yard. Merely 15 mins drive from my house. From sunrises to sunsets Gougane Barra holds a special charm. I have been very fortunate to photograph many weddings here. Living so close allows me to travel out to Gougane, and photograph this stunning location.

Gougane barra
The beautiful gougane barra

The Magic Of the little church in the valley

Whether it be Landscape photography or Wedding Photography. It is pretty hard to not come away from this breathtaking location without stunning images.
I have no doubt, Gougane Barra is the most photographed church in Ireland.

Gougane Barra
Road to Gougane Barra

It also is most likely booked up for 2 years in advance with weddings. The very first wedding I photographed here. the weather conditions were awful. It simply didn’t stop raining the entire day. But knowing how magical this location is. It forced me to continue and use the grounds in the pouring rain with my newlyweds. In doing so I had the chance to create some stunning wedding images.

Gougane Barra
Gougane Barra

I travel out to Gougane maybe twice a month. Traveling over the mountains to reach the little church in the valley. High up in the mountains, following the little road along. It gives you the old scenic route and what old Ireland use to look like.

14x10 new 2mb
Looking down On Gougane Barra

Old stone walls separating the fields, which are filled with livestock and wildlife. Surrounded by the vast mountains on either side. The sky reaches down at the back of the church, as tho it is touching the water. On a calm day where the water is still, the reflection from the sky and the small church will blow you away.

Gougane barra from the front
Gougane from the front view


Built sometime in the 1700s, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. The enchanting woodlands nearby offer an amazing walk. It is a great place to bring the kids and forget about the worries of the world for a few hours. Gougane Barra Hotel is 50 meters from the little church. And 20 meters from the hotel is a cafe and gift shop.

natural light Gougane Barra
at Gougane

Always well kept, and always looking picture perfect. No matter the season or weather conditions.
In all my years travelling out there. I have never come home without a stunning image of the little church in the valley.

If you have never been out to this magical location. It is time to plan a visit and see for yourself the magic of Gougane and all it beholds.

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