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I have been wanting to capture a beautiful sunset picture of Macroom Castle for years now. Just never got the sky for it, have tried many times but the sky was never there.
I have googled every Macroom Castle image I could find online and always I aim to do it differently.
Standing outside my house a few days ago I could see the sky was lighting up. Walked around the park looking up, and barely any clouds.

I knew that there would be an amazing sunset.

But would it be right for the castle picture?. I grabbed the camera and hopped into the car and drove down to the square in town and parked up.

The entire town is quiet and traffic is always at a standstill most evenings. But this evening due to Covid19 and the restrictions, there was nothing.
I set up my tripod in the center of the street, allowing loads of space for any oncoming traffic to pass by safely.

I wanted to get the castle and the hill to the right, that was where the sun was going down. And if I could get the correct sky, I could fit it all in from this advantage point I had in the middle of the street.
Two Gardai cars past by and I gave them the old nod.
They saw the tripod and camera and have seen me plenty of times down around the rivers and castles and what have you. They know what I am at, no badness going on, just a few pictures.

Macroom Castle Sunset

I waited, talking to a few people passing by. And explaining the shot I am about to take. Looking up as the minutes passed on, and the sky turned a beautiful orange just by the hill. Then some red joined the sky and leaving a little blue to the other side of the castle.
Don’t know how many times I have photographed the Castle, hundreds maybe. But this was the sky I was waiting for. I knew it as soon as i clicked it, I had the castle picture I was after.

One of the biggest papers in the county came calling and done a little piece on me, and the sunsets I was doing around the town. That was quiet Nice.

It is nice to get to showcase my work to a larger audience. But to showcase and mention the town, my hometown, well that is even better.

You can read about it in the ECHO if you click here

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