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Right now if you search the internet for wedding photography and click on images. You are going to find some truly amazing creative wedding images.
Images that keep the skies and the subject in perfect light. Hard thing to do that. Keeping a beautiful sky in amazing detail. While having your subject or model also well lit. The key 9 times out of 10 is going to be down to MagMod Modifier.
No longer are creative photographers confined to using large octa boxes in the field. No longer are they using Umbrellas on their Off-camera flashes.
They have made the switch to MadMod.

So what is MagMod.

MagMod stands for Magnetic Modifiers. As the last part of that name suggests. It Modifies light. A modifier simply gives you the ability to shape light, control light, direct light, change the colour of light, soften the light. And so much more. A modifier can also beam light across a great distance.

We know all of this already James !!

Not like this, you don’t. The beauty of the MagMod system relies on how quick they are to transform and use. Milliseconds, that’s how long it takes to modify the light on your flashes. Yea you heard that right.

Before MagMod it was that awful velcro. And large glumpy modifiers that take so much time to setup. The image is gone.
Think about that for a second here. The difference between getting the shot and missing the shot is what. Timing right. If you are spending a lot of time setting up off-camera flashes and then setting up the modifiers on them flashes. Chances are, you are missing some amazing shots.

MagMod MagSphere dsc2392

But let’s not talk about how quick they are to use. Let’s talk about weight and carrying your gear. When you have all your bags assembled and ready to head to a shoot. Doing so the old way of huge modifiers only adds extra bags and extra weight.

Weight Matters

Imagine showing up at a reception, setting up two off-camera flashes, and two huge octa boxes. And to shoot for the rest of the evening. You have to lift and carry that setup all evening. It is not fun right?. The MagMod Modifiers can fit in your pocket. Or fit all in the same bag as your camera gear. And not only do the same job as the huge modifiers. But do that job quicker, smarter than ever before.

It is as quick as sticking a fridge magnet to a fridge. See I just said fridge magnet to a fridge and your mind said. “that takes no time”
And you are right. This system takes no time at all. It frees you up to create and think and push yourself further.

The MagMod system.

The MagMod system has a modifier especially created for everything you are going to need.
You want to soften the light. Check
You want to direct the light. Check
You want to beam that light from a hundred feet away. Check
What about coloring the light. Check, check, check
And so much more.

Magmod flash kit
MAGMOD Pro Flash Kit

How I Got into the MagMod system.

My opinion here.

Off camera-flash and creative photography is the way forward. It is pushing the creativity of photographers around the world. Inspiring them too dream up new ideas and go out and achieve similar style images. Online I saw these amazing images from photographers around the globe.

I had to know more about how they were doing these styles of images. Another Photographer invited me to join a community online. A community called the MagMod Community.

WOW !!!

Blown away. Looking at the images in this community just lit a fire inside me. I had to know more. In doing so I learned about the MagMod system. I knew I had to change the way I take images. It was going to be an extra learning curve for me.

Dinnen's Bar
created using two flashes, the magsphere and cto gel and the maggrid

But it would separate me from a lot of the photographers around me. That is not familiar with this system. I knew of only two photographers near me, using this system. And saw they were creating amazing images.
So I said I am all in. What do I need to do ?. I have the community now, but I also need to watch videos and learn that way.
Physically seeing another photographer use these modifiers would help me so much.

Thank God for youtube right!!!

After searching on youtube I came across this photographer called Pye Jirsa. Truth is this man deserves a paragraph for himself. So below I will explain a little bit more about Pye.

MagMod Community.

This community is ACES. It is made up of photographers from around the world all on different levels of their game. Some at the beginning of their photography journey. And some at the top of their game, creating works of art. Then there are various amounts of other photographers between starting of and creating magic. But the beauty of the MagMod community is the willingness to share and teach. Every Photographer will upload an image and share the details of that image.
What the shutter speed was.
The iso was.
What the aperture was.
Where the camera was facing. Where the flashes where situated. What power them flashes were on. And what MagMod modifier was on each flash.

IMG 2552 Edit 2
Created using the Teal color gel, two flashes and the maggrid and magsphere

See why I said it was Aces.

You are getting all the info you need to run out and try and create your images.

And if that was not enough, you can ask questions. You can pop in the comment section, and say what’s up. And these amazing photographers from around the world, answer you back. Answer your questions. You get to pick their brains about how they created the images you are gobsmacked looking at.

Just remember that everyone in that community is also most likely a fulltime photographer. So sometimes you might have to wait a day or so for an answer. But if you hit them up when they just uploaded the images. Chances are they are sitting in their offices at home. Editing their images, so they are happy to shoot the breeze with you.


Some of the work the more advanced guys upload will have you scratching your head.
Trust me I have sat down looking at some of these images and just said (HOW) lol.

I guess it is a testament to how good and how creative humans can be.

And putting a camera in the hands of a person that understands the concept of light and the rules of light, well the sky is the limit to the imagination and these guys go all out to prove that.

But in saying that, most of this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the creation of the MagMod modifiers.

I have seen images on this community where photographers used the MagBeam, and beamed light from an off-camera flash 100 feet, heck 200 feet. One guy beamed it across a small pond and landed the light right on his newlyweds. In doing so he created a perfect reflection by the pound of the newlyweds and the big oak tree they were under.
Blew me away.

dancing in the rain
Create using the magsphere and blue gel, and maggrid

I have seen others transform the color of huge trees and create silhouettes standing under the trees. Some using 2 different color gels and 3 or 4 flashes.

It can be a lot to take in.

But the community is there to help. Trust me, I am with the MagMod system now two years. At the start, I was getting frustrated with myself also. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not beaming light 200 feet yet. Or creating half of what these guys are doing. But I am not also at the start trying to learn this system.

I am somewhere in the middle there, on my way upwards. For me, it took time, patience, and the willingness to stay with it. The MadMod made it easier because you cant use the system as an excuse to be frustrated with it. It is simple to attach to a flash and start using. The hardest part is learning how to shape the light. Learning the concept of light and the major role it plays in photography.
Learning the inverse square law.

Created using one flash and the maggrid and 1/2 cto gel.

I have said it already in the previous blog, photography doesn’t work without light. Light has to come from somewhere.

The community will show you all of that. Teach you all of that and so much more. And if you are still unsure while browsing the community and need it to be explained more for you. Then I suggested seeking out Pye Jirsa.

Pye Jirsa.

What I know about Pye is this, he is a natural teacher. He breaks down photography and light and editing so simply. Pye is the owner of a company called SLR Lounge. But also he is a fulltime photographer. He is walking the talk and talking the walk and teaching the world as he goes along. But he comes across so easy to understand. I only know this about Pye because of his videos.
I don’t know him personally or anything. Don’t even live in the same country as him. I watch from afar.

But when I am stuck and trying to figure out something in photography. I turn to his videos. Look there are hundreds of videos maybe thousands of videos out there explaining these subjects to you. But for me, Pye’s approach and teaching is relaxed and calm and hits the target.

Bonus is,

Pye loves the MagMod system also. And he uses it in most of his videos. And he explains it as he is shooting, breaking it down.
Taking that information and going back to the MagMod community I look at the images other photographers have uploaded.
And when they describe their settings and how they went about it. I see the picture in my mind unfold.
A combination of Pye explaining it in his videos and reading what the photographers in the community have written brings forward the clearer picture. Then is a ton of more things Pye and Slr Lounge can teach you, I will leave links to everything either below or just click their names in this blog.

Don’t get frustrated.

It is normal if you go down this route of off-camera flashes and modifiers to get frustrated. Look this stuff doesn’t come to everyone straight away. No one picks up a camera and connects a modifier to their flash and starts creating amazing images straight away. That doesn’t happen. It is more or less a commitment to improvement. A commitment to the creation of the art of photography. And slowly but surely over time, your images will improve. Using the information from the community and the videos from Pye (or whomever you choose) I promise you the MagMod system will raise your game.
The community will inspire you to create better images. But most of all the community will share. share knowledge, share tips, and motivate you to be better.

Isn’t that the true nature of a community. To Share and to help out.

This is only my account of how I am still learning this system. How I am creating my Images using this system. I don’t have it all worked out. Lord knows I am learning every day. I stay humble, stay kind, and ask the community questions.

Respect them for everything they have done for me.
I am not paid to say any of this, by anyone mentioned here.

I simply just want to share my account as I go along. And those that inspire and help me.
They have made me better, and no doubt they can make you better also.

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