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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope to answer some fo the frequently asked questions here.

On Average how many hours am I with you on the day :

A wedding is normally between 7 and 14 hours long for a photographer. This does not count travel.

Most weddings require a photographer for at the very least 6-7 hours. The full day coverage normally starts at 7 am and finishes at 9 pm even 10 pm…

Do I charge for Travel & Accommodation :

As of 2020, I have not to charge for Travel & Accommodation as of yet, but in time I will have no other option but to do so.

The rising costs are a factor. But mainly because as my business grows, I find myself shooting weddings in every county within Ireland. Sometimes I cannot simply finish up and drive home and have to book into a hotel or B&B. I have endured these costs as a way of trying to cut down in the cost for you the client. I believe 2021 will be the same and I will NOT charge for Travel & Accommodation,

Nationwide Coverage

I am delighted to say I do cover nationwide. I love to travel all around our amazing country photographing weddings. Bringing my style of photography far and wide. The further away from home, I will travel the day beforehand and visit the church or venue and walk around. What I am doing here is picking out places and making notes for locations to shoot, having my homework is key.

Destination weddings :

Absolutely, Seriously who doesn’t want to travel to another country and create amazing images, I am passionate about photography full stop, so new places and new destinations I am all in. As I mentioned above doing my homework is key to providing you with amazing images, So travelling to another destination the day before and walking around the venue is key to success, It is my job as a professional to have all my homework done, as so you have nothing to worry about.

Catering for smaller weddings:

I cater for all size of weddings, to me, it really isn’t about the size of the wedding or how many guests are at it, it is about you the happy couple, my main focus is and will always be on you. A wedding of 40 or 200 are really the same in terms of photography, I aim to photograph everyone when I am there,

Whether I am there for 5 hours or 14 hours I cater for all. The best option here is to get in contact and let’s have a chat 😉

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