Photography and Me

Cork Wedding Photographer: James O Driscoll- about me ,


Photography for me started back in school, at the age of 16 I won the All Ireland Sloga Gael Linn Photography competition. It was my business studies teacher at Bishop McEgan College who put a camera in my hand.

He was also a photographer for many papers around Cork County. Back then it was film and every image had to be developed,

That is what this teacher did. He gave me one of his cameras and allowed me to shoot until I ran out of film. When I handed him back the camera.

I thought nothing more of it until after that weekend. The same teacher came back to school and had in his hands a pile of photos he had developed from that camera he had given me.

He expressed how great the images were and that he would like to enter one, in particular. A portrait I did of a classmate. In the image, he was listening to headphones standing in the rain. Gazing up towards the sky. Raindrops splashing off his face.

That one image set the course of photography for me.

Heavenly Music they named the image and it went on to win the All Ireland photography competition. But as a kid in school, it is rare that you take the advice of a teacher, you believe you know it all right, lol.

I was shooting communions and christenings by the time I was 16. But after doing my leaving cert photography took a back seat.

And I became a cabinet maker.

Truth is I was never happy as a cabinet maker. I only found peace when I had a camera in my hand and I was out shooting anything.

I gave up cabinet making and decided I would dive into photography full-time,

It is true what they say. (if you work at a job you love, you will never work a day in your life) and for me this is photography.

I guess I ended up taking the advice of a teacher that saw something in me when I couldn’t see it back then myself.

Photography excites me, people, portraits, going out to venues weeks before you are booked to shoot a wedding, and finding locations to envision the epic images you have planned.

This is what I am passionate about, at receptions, I love fading away between the crowds with my zoom lens, and watching the stories unfold.

But always ready to capture the moment. Reading the day and the emotions of the event are key.

You learn so much by watching and listening to the crowd. At a wedding, you quickly learn who the ones most likely to cry will be, or who has the huge laughter. You make mental notes of this and as the day unfolds you scan the crowds knowing at key moments who to turn the camera too and capture epic stories through images, and that’s what photography is (telling a story in the most captivating way imaginable)

The whole concept of creating an image and just shooting candid images I am passionate about, using the weather to your advantage, getting out in the rain and seeing the image before you have even captured it

Photography and Myself

Last year I was delighted that one of my images won a spot on the world down syndrome photography competition. My image was showcased in time square.

And I was sent a link of crowds of people just looking up at the big screen. All looking at my work. That feeling, that is why you cannot ever get bored with photography. Always learning always wanting to create that amazing picture. Or the perfect location or that face that just tells a story.

Once you take the image and edit it and upload it for the world to see. You know that with the work you have put in. That your images will stand the test of time.
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